S5-S6 Geography - Higher & Advanced Higher


Entry requirements
The Higher Geography course is very enjoyable but also very demanding.  To ensure success in the final exam and to make sure pupils are on the correct courses, pupils must:
Have a Credit pass or an Intermediate 2 pass (for S6 pupils) at Geography or another Social Subject.
What's in the course?
There are 3 units, studied over the course of the session:
Physical Environments, Human Environments and Environmental Interactions.

Physical Environments

 Atmosphere: why are the poles colder than the equator? Why doesn’t the equator continue to get hotter and the poles colder and colder? What is causing global warming, and how can we stop it? Hydrosphere: there is a set amount of water on the earth’s surface, it never changes! How does water get from the sea into our taps? What effect do floods have and how can we predict them? Lithosphere: what are the processes affecting our landscape? How will global warming and sea level change affect our coastlines? Biosphere: how do biological processes affect human activity in different places?
Human Environments

Population: why is global population out of control and how can we stop it? Why will today’s 16 year olds have to work until they are 75? Rural Land Use: how does human activity in the countryside differ across the planet?   Urban: How are our cities changing and why? What are the problems and how can we solve them? Industry: How has industry changed over the years and why? How can we help areas with high unemployment?

Environmental Interactions
Development & Health: why are some areas more developed than others? How do we know? How can we help countries to develop? What diseases do people suffer from in developed and developing countries?
Rural Land Resources: National Parks in the UK -
Why do these areas need protected? 

Location of Yorkshire Dales National ParkWhy do conflicts exist and how can they be resolved?  What opportunities and restrictions for development are found in National Parks?





Advanced Higher

Entry requirements:

A or B Grade pass at Higher and preferrably a pass at Higher English.

70% of course is a folio consisting of a Geographical Study 40% and Geographical Issues Essay 30%.  Both are externally assessed by the SQA.

The remaining 30 % is assessed through an exam where pupils will answer a question on Mapwork Interpretation, Statistics and a Fieldwork Scenario.