S5-S6 Geography - Intermediate

What are the entry requirements?

There are no formal entry requirements.  Intermediate is seen as a 'stepping stone' to Higher level in many cases.

What's in the course?

There are 3 units: Physical Environments, Human Environments and Environmental Interactions

Physical Environments

 The processes involved in shaping our landscapes.  You will study 4 very different topics in this unit.  You will study how ice shapes the land, you will see the spectacular landforms that limestone creates along with river processes and how climate change is affecting our coastlines.  For each of these areas you will also see how humans use these environments to make money and the problems this causes. 

Human Environments

Population: why is global population out of control and how can we stop it?  Why will today’s 16 year olds have to work until they are 75?  Urban: How are our cities changing and why?  What are the problems and how can we solve them?  Industry: How has industry changed over the years and why?  How can we help areas with high unemployment?

Environmental Interactions

 Development and Health: Why are countries developing at different rates?  What can be used to measure how developed a country is?  Why are some diseases found in some areas of the world? How do we reduce them? 

Environmental hazards:  How do volcanoes, earthquakes and tropical storms affect people’s lives all over the world?  Why do we escape them?  Can we predict them, and how?