S6 Advanced Higher Art and Design

Critical Activity: Advanced Higher Art and Design Report

Select an artist or designer whose work is influential to your Advanced Higher practical work. Discuss this with your teacher prior to commencing to ensure appropriateness of your choice. Collate a written, biographical report gathering factual information on their life and work. You may wish to explore:

  • biographical info about their life
  • info about the art/design movement they belong to
  • their influences and context in relation to other artists
  • examples of their work.
  • their style and working methods
  • what they are trying to communicate? i.e. the aims, meaning or message within the artwork.

At this stage, your report should be purely factual, with no personal opinion or stance. Ensure you select a reasonably established artist or designer, however they may be contemporary or traditional. You may also include relevant visual references.
Your report should be approx 700 words and be well presented as this will form part of the optional unit you will cover in S6 Advanced Higher.
Due date: Thursday 17th September 2009