Second Year Curriculum

Unit 1 – Theatre Arts 
Pupils learn about the technical aspects of Drama, lighting, sound, costume, set, props and make up. They discover how these things can enhance a play. To help their learning pupils study a play called “Death Under A Tree”. This helps place the learning in context. Pupils then incorporate Theatre Arts into their final presentation. 
Unit 2 – Nosferatu 
Pupils use a storyline approach to learning about stylised movement. They are able to build on the Mime skills learned in S1 and develop them further. This unit also provides opportunities for creative writing and creating sound effects. 
Unit 3 – Anti Sectarianism 
As part of a cross curricular study, the pupils consider the causes and effects of Sectarianism in Scottish society. Pupils are asked to challenge prejudice and find solutions to this problem. They engage in Role Play activities and learn about Forum Theatre, which includes audience participation in the action. This ambitious unit requires pupils to use all their skills from Drama and other departments to present a polished final performance.