Senior Phase (S4-S6)

Senior Phase (S4-S6)
Physical Education within the Senior Phase aims to provide learners with experiences that build on prior learning. Enabling them to develop the knowledge, motivation and competence to live a physically active life but, also the ability to enhance performance through evaluation and analysis.
Certificated PE
Fourth Year National Qualification
Pupils in fourth year are currently (2014-15) able to choose to undertake certificated courses at:
  • National 4
  • National 5
Pupils who opt for these courses will work towards achieving a National Qualification at the end of fourth year.
Pupils are presented at either National 5 (equivalent to Standard Grade Credit / Intermediate 2) or National 4 (equivalent to Standard Grade General / Intermediate 1). This provides pupils with a recognised SQA National Qualification.
Fourth Year Core Physical Education
All fourth year pupils, including those who choose to undertake a National Qualification, participate in two 50 minute periods of Core Physical Education.  The aim of Core Physical Education is to enable pupils to refine, develop and demonstrate movement and performance skills in a number of physical activities. By engaging in practical activities, learners can demonstrate initiative, decision-making and problem-solving. The course provides learners with experiences that encourage them to develop a positive attitude towards a healthy lifestyle, and recognise the important contribution that physical activity makes to living a healthy lifestyle.
Fifth and Sixth Year
Pupils in fifth and sixth year are currently (2013-14) able to undertake certificated courses at:
The S5 National 4 course provides entry into certificated Physical Education for pupils who have no previous experience of certificated Physical Education. The course closely resembles the National 5 course but at a less challenging level.
The National 5 course provides progression for those pupils who studied National 4 in fourth year and serves as a stepping stone towards Higher in sixth year. S5 pupils with no prior certificated experience may be accepted onto the National 5 course following an interview with the Principal Teacher of Physical Education.
The Higher Physical Education course provides progression for pupils who have previously undertaken the National 5 course. Pupils who undertake the course will study three elements:
  • Structures and Strategies
  • Skills and Techniques
  • Preparation of the Body
These elements are delivered through three activities Basketball, Badminton and Football respectively. Practical Performance in these activities makes up 40% of the pupil's final grade.