Support For Learning

Welcome to the Support for Learning Department.

We have a number of staff who work with us to ensure that pupils are well supported:

Teaching Staff

Mrs L Eary(Acting Principal Teacher) 




Mrs Baker (Teacher)





Support for Learning Assistants

  • Mrs O'Neill
  • Mrs Whoriskey
  • Mrs Glencross
  • Mrs Robertson
  • Mrs Brown


Additional Services

  • Guidance Team
  • Educational Psychology
  • S.E.B.N. (Social Emotional and Behavioural Needs) Service
  • E.A.L. (English as an Additional Language)
  • N.W.S. (Network Support)
  • Sensory Support Service
  • Language and Communication Service
  • Careers Service

Additional Support for Learning in East Dunbartonshire

The Additional Support for Learning Act has strengthened and modernised the way in which schools offer support to children and young people who need additional help to allow them to benefit from school education.  Under the Act, parents and young people have new rights and it places new duties on education authorities and other agencies such as health boards and social work services. 

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