Design and Technology

Why Design and Technology Education?   
The need to improve technological capabilities has been recognised as a priority, as the United Kingdom seeks to maintain its manufacturing base and compete in global markets. Design and Technology Education has developed in response to society’s need for a technologically capable population that can make effective and responsible use of available resources in devising solutions to everyday technological problems.  

What Skills does Design and Technology Education utilise and foster?  

Design and Technology encourages pupils to develop important transferable skills including;

  • Communication
  • Problem solving
  • Creative thinking
  • Information technology   

Furthermore, Design and Technology Education also contributes significantly to various aspects of pupil’s personal and social development. It fosters attitudes of co-operation, social responsibility and develops curiosity, initiative and resourcefulness all highly desirable qualities in young people in todays technological society.

Miss C. Kirker - Principal Teacher
Mr K. Abubakr - Teacher
Mr M. Kay - Teacher
Mr I. Bain - Technical Technician