Transition - Primary to KHS

 The transition process will commence at least a year before your child is due to start KHS. During this time the Guidance Team works very closely with all our associated primary schools so that the transition between primary and secondary is as seamless as possible and to ensure that every child’s needs are met. Throughout this transition process there will be various opportunities for you and your child and to meet and speak with the Guidance Team.


All S1 pupils will be allocated a senior buddy who they will meet with on a regular basis between August and December. The buddy programme is very useful in helping first year pupils settle into secondary school, as they have an older pupil to talk to about any issues or questions that may arise. Each year senior buddies undertake a training afternoon which is lead by the Guidance Teachers. The training consisted of a number of activities which prepared the pupils to become buddies. The training always receives positive feedback from the pupils involved. One student credited it as a “fun experience that developed my skills and has allowed me to become a better buddy.”

S1 Settling In Interviews

Each guidance teacher will meet with each S1 pupils in their house at the start of S1. The aim of these interviews is to ensure that every pupil has coped with the transition from Primary and settled well into Kirkintilloch High School.  Attendance, timekeeping and behaviour were also discussed.