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UCAS applications – An Information Evening for Parents and Carers.

Thursday 25th September 7pm

Supporting a young person in their application to higher education can be a challenging experience.  They will have to make important decisions such as which courses and institutions are best for them, and having an effective support network is very important.

We would therefore like to invite you to attend an information evening in the school which aims to help you to gain a greater understanding of the UCAS application process and your role in supporting this process. Our special guest speaker from Student Admissions at the University of Stirling will present information relevant to students applying to all universities.


Helping potential healthcare students to stand out with their UCAS applications

It is a fact that students who are interested in pursuing a career as a doctor, nurse, midwife or dentist, need to ensure that they have something in their university application that makes them stand out from the rest.
Of course they can talk about their interest in medicine, their desire to help humanity, and the rest. But most applicants do this. There needs to be something more. And the best “something more”, the ideal way to make an application stand out, is to include as much work experience as possible and show a commitment to learning.  This then naturally generates extra talking points for the interview, as this type of experience is an ideal way to demonstrate their commitment and desire to a career as a doctor, nurse, midwife or dentist.
It is with all this in mind that we have built our work experience placements for students aged between 16-25 and interested in a medical career. We currently are offering students the opportunity to travel to Tanzania during the October half term break to witness firsthand the work of the medical professionals in various departments.
During the October half term we have spaces available for the weeks:
  • 12th October – 18th October
  • 19th October – 25th October
  • 26th October – 1st November
Students can select the dates that correspond to their school holidays.
Students are assigned their own mentor and will attend three global health tutorials a week, run by local doctors and healthcare professionals. These tutorials will help them to have a deeper understanding of healthcare, including socio-economic factors that effect treatment within the country.
If you have students this year who are interested in a career in medicine, please ask them to take a look at our website. Alternatively they can call us on 0191 230 8080 or email us at info@gapmedics.com and we’ll send them a brochure in the post.