What We Offer

So just what is it we do in Drama?

Within our department Drama runs across S1-S6 at levels 5-14, Standard Grade, Intermediate 2 and Higher.
Work covered in these groups includes Mime, Voice, Movement, Characterisation, Improvisation, Script Work, and a range of activities covering all aspects of Theatre Arts.
Pupils work individually, in pairs, groups and as a whole class exploring situations, attitudes, beliefs, cultures and circumstances.
They will then be able to experiment with using Drama to develop a dramatic presentation on such themes and issues.
"Since studying Drama I have become much more confident about not just what I can do but what I could do in the future."

"Drama has helped me to understand not just more about myself but about people in general." 

"My experience in Drama has prepared me well for the real world and helped me build my communication skills."