What do Guidance Teachers Do?

 Guidance teachers support pupils in the following ways:

·         Caring and providing support for all pupils in their House.

·         Form and maintain positive relationships with parent/carers and pupils to ensure we meet pupil’s needs.

·         Develop close links with primary 7 teachers and pupils to assist transition.

·         Regularly review academic progress of pupils.

·         Monitor attendance, punctuality and school uniform.

·         Support and guide pupils during curricular pathway choices.

·         Care and provider support for pupils who face difficulties – emotional, physical or academic.

·         Actively promote social inclusion.

·         Monitor use of homework diaries.

·         Prepare report on pupils for employers, college/university, etc.

·         Link with supporting agencies such as: Skills Development Scotland, Young cares, Social work, Community Resources, CAMHS to ensure we meet the needs of all our pupils