Why choose Geography?

Geography is the study of the earth’s surface, the people who live there and the way people interact with their environment and each other.  It is a very important subject in ensuring young people leave school equipped with the awareness of the world required to be responsible citizens.  Geography gives pupils the broad-based skills and variety of experiences needed to be effective contributors to modern life.

Research has shown that Geography is a subject (along with other Social Subjects) that generates discussion and caters for many different interests, offering a lot of variety.  It is also a rigorous academic subject that is highly respected by employers and universities as catering for the demands of further study and the world of work.  Geography is well placed to help young pupil learn to learn by encouraging enterprising learning.

Geography has always taught young people to consider other cultures and ways of life, often created by the physical surroundings.  This creates responsible citizens who are compassionate with a sense of justice.

The subject matter lends itself to pupils presenting their opinions and ideas to each other in a variety of ways.  This will prepare pupils for the future by making them effective contributors in a variety of situations.  The subject also builds confidence through working collaboratively.

Geography and  Curriculum for Excellence

The above information about the characteristics of the study of Geography could have been written 50 years ago.  Geography is well placed to fit into the new curriculum for excellence and create successful learners, responsible citizens, effective contributors and confident individuals.