Why study history? 

Studying History provides us with an insight into our own lives and of the society and the wider world in which we live. Through an understanding of the concept of continuity, you can better appreciate change and its significance, both in your own times and in the past. It is also intended to enable you to develop skills in explaining historical developments and events, evaluating sources and drawing conclusions. 

The skills you learn in history are valuable in a wide range of career sectors, including public administration, business management, law, museum work, teaching and journalism. 

Why study Modern Studies?  

Learning Modern Studies gives you greater understanding of the contemporary world and your place in it. 

You will learn contemporary political and social issues in local, Scottish, United Kingdom and international contexts, and , in these contexts, develop an awareness of the social and political issues you will meet in your life. You will also develop investigating, evaluating and analysing skills in order to understand and explain political, social, and international issues. 

The skills you learn in Modern Studies are valuable in many career areas, including public administration, business management, law, teaching and journalism.     

History/ Modern Studies Staff
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