Our pupils are provided with a number of opportunities to advocate for themselves as leaders of learning in our school community.  Examples of formal opportunities for pupil participation this session are as follows: 

Our Pupil Voice Committee  members have created their own school improvement agenda with a number of ideas and suggestions to progress the pupil experience here at Kirkintilloch High School.  this includes proposals for improving their learning experience and wider achievement opportunities such as school excursions. 

Young people from our committee are also involved in our school recruitment processes, by greeting and welcoming interview candidates to our school and in spending time with them before their formal interview. 

Pupils actively participated in our school values and motto consultation, and selected inspirational quotes based on our school values for display around our pupil area. 

Most recently, our young people have engaged in a pupil participation project led by Hidden Giants, with Paul Gorman and Matthew Sowerby. This has facilitated opportunities for pupils to drill deeply into issues that affect and influence school culture and the learning experience for pupils. 

Pupils valuable contribution in these areas is continually enhancing and improving our school experience, environment and ethos.