Principal Teacher – Mrs. Lorraine Early 

Teacher – Mrs Lorraine Baker 

The work carried out by the Support for Learning teachers is based on the following  main areas:  

  • Co-operative Teaching: Support for Learning teachers work alongside subject teachers to meet the needs of pupils. Teachers may team teach or work with a small group outwith the class. The SFL teacher may also work with the main class to allow the subject teacher to work with a small group.  
  • Consultancy: Support for Learning teachers act as consultants for staff who have concerns regarding a pupil. Specialist advice and access to appropriate resources can be given. 
  • Staff Development: Support for Learning teachers lead staff development sessions as required to ensure that pupil needs are identified and met. Recent staff development has included Alternative Assessment Arrangments (AAA) for S4 and S5/6 pupils who will be sitting their Preliminary (Prelim) examinations.  
  • Tutoring and Teaching: Groups and individual pupils are taught directly or are tutored in specific areas of the curriculum. Cross Curricular Studies (C.C.S.) runs each year where pupils benefit from additional time to consolidate other learning across their chosen standard grade subjects.  
  • Providing and Liaising with Specialist Services: at Kirkintilloch High we are lucky to work with and have access to an extensive team of specialist services as listed on our welcome page. 

The work carried out by the Support for Learning Assistants (S.L.A.s)  is based on the following areas: 

  • Reading and Scribing: S.L.A.s may read and/or write for pupils who have recognised difficulty in these areas. 
  • Additional Assessment Arrangements (A.A.A.):  S.L.A.s have a huge role to play in carrying out A.A.A. for pupils with recognised specific difficulties in their Scottish Qualification Exams. 
  • In-class support: S.L.A.s offer discreet support for the whole class and particularly pupils with indetified additional support needs.   
  • Individual Support: S.L.A.s often work with individuals or very small groups to support their learning within the curriculum.   
  • Administrative Tasks: S.L.A.s carry out clerical tasks to assist with the running of the department.